Mill & Mortar: Best Sellers Box

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    Box with the 6 bestsellers of Mill & Mortar to get started right away!

    With this all-round box you can season vegetables, fish, meat, pasta, risotto and curry.

    It also contains various inspiring recipe cards. So you immediately know what kind of goodies you can conjure up on the table. 

    List of ingredients

    • Happy Roots (BIO): garlic powder*, rosemary*, white sesame seeds*, chili flakes*, savory*, oregano*, thyme*, basil*.
    • Mermaid's Bite (BIO): fennel*, mint*, coriander*, dried seaweed, chili*, lemon oil*
    • Smokey Sally (BIO): Sweet paprika *, smoked paprika *, garlic powder *, coriander *, fennel *, oregano *, cayenne *.
    • Rasta Pasta (BIO): coriander *, turmeric *, cinnamon *, mustard seed *, ginger *, cayenne *, garlic *, lemon thyme *, mace *, fenugreek seed *, paprika *, cumin *, black pepper *.
    • Karl Otto (BIO): dried ceps, garlic powder, parsley, black pepper, blue cornflower.
    • Colombo Curry (BIO): coriander*, turmeric*, mustard seed*, fennel*, fenugreek seed*, cumin*, ginger*, black pepper*.